Parents, stay in the know about Beach Week!

Details and Frequent Questions Below

When is Beach Week?

May 29 through June 2

Where is the location?

Laguna Beach Christian Retreat, in Panama City , FL

What are the costs?

$300 per student until March 31

After March 31, the total will be raised $50

What is the Family Package pricing?

First Student $300

Second Student $250 ($550 total)

Third Student $200 ($750 total)

Is there a cap for how many students can go to camp?

Yes, due to limited spaces at the retreat there will be a cap of 50 total students

When is the deadline to sign up for camp?

May 1st is the official deadline to sign up for this year's Beach Week.

What payment plans are available?

To avoid a single payment you may give also give pay by the following dates per student. Unless you are paying in full, a deposit of $60 can be made by March 31, $120 by April 21st, and the remainder will be due May 29th.

Medical Release Forms

On April 1st, we'll be sending an email out to all participating events containing an online medical release form that is mandatory to fill out prior to the event.



After April 1st, all deposits are non-refundable

After May 17th, all registrations are non-refundable