Our Mission Statement

For God's glory we want to Gather the lost, Grow the saved, Serve our community, and Go to the least of these

Gather at Hope Church Tupelo


The three seeds in the highlighted section illustrate three primary purposes:

1) We Gather people to Jesus to be saved.

2) We Gather to worship the Lord.

3) We Gather as the people of God for fellowship.


We believe that every believer should Grow in Christ.

We provide various ways in our church for our members to grow and engage with fellow believers.

Some of these opportunities include:

Men's/Women's Ministries

Sunday Classes

Wednesday Night Fellowship

Community Engagement 


Grow at Hope Church Tupelo

Serve at Hope Church Tupelo


We serve each other and our community with love and compassion. We believe that we are commanded to "love our neighbor as ourselves."


The Great Commission commands Christians to "make disciples." As a body of believers we believe that we are all missionaries in Christ, whether that be across an ocean or in your very home.

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