Hey Parents!

You want what's best for your kid. We all do. I bet if you are like us, you hate how COVID-19 and this year's events has affected all of our kids & students! Teenagers have experienced daily isolation, heart breaking loss, and increased anxiety unlike ever before! You as a parent have the task of balancing your life, their life, providing for them, feeding them, supporting them, games, practice, homework, and not to mention training them up in righteousness and being the primary disciple-maker of your home! That, in itself, is no easy task. It's a lot. It's tiring + hard.

But. You're not meant to do it alone.
That's where the church comes in. We want to come alongside you in discipling your student. 

In everything we do, from events to our weekly programming, we promise 3 things:
1. We promise your teenager is going experience Jesus.
2. We promise your teenager is going to have insane amounts of fun.
3. We promise to make it as safe of an experience as possible!

Below, you can learn more about the Student Pastor, FAQ's, and what we're up to.
For any questions you might have, please fill out the contact form below.


What is Midweek?
6 - 7:30
Our Student Ministry Wednesday night worship service in the House (our Youth Building).
How do I keep up-to-date on events?
We have a parent-wide GroupMe where we post regularly for events. We also hold quarterly Parent Meetings, where we give details on the next quarter.
Where do you meet?
The House is our student ministry building. It is located off the back of the church, in a gray metal building. The most convenient way to get there is to drive around the right side of the church to the back lot.
What is the Table?
Our Student Ministry Sunday School experience. We have grade specific groups for a time of Bible Study, relevant to their grades and spiritual needs.
Do you offer small groups for my student?
Small groups are the most important thing we do. On Sunday mornings at The Table, they can join a Family Group (discipleship). Throughout the week, se offer Fight Clubs + Girls Groups (Accountability). Essentially, gender specific groups where they can grow deeper in who they are, and who God created them to be. For more information on Fight Clubs + Growth Groups, fill out the contact form below.
Where do I register my student for events?
You can register your student for events at, or you can just click the button below.

Chris Prather | Lead Student Pastor

Chris joined the staff at Hope at the end of 2016.
Chris uses his gifts to communicate the Word of God and to serve middle school and high school students, their parents, and volunteers. 
He is married to Shelby, and they have 2 children: Judah Lee, and Shepherd Thomas.

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