Pastor Scooter Noland of Hope Church Tupelo

Scooter Noland

Lead Pastor

Scooter Noland has been with Hope Church since 2010. He serves as the Lead Pastor and utilizes his skill set to teach, preach, and lead the church to fulfill God's purposes for Hope Church. He is married to Allyson and has two children. 

Associate Pastor Tom Wilson of Hope Church Tupelo

Tom Wilson

Associate Pastor

Tom's journey at Hope started back in 1988 and currently serves as the Associate Pastor. He oversees various ministries and provides support to our office staff. He is married to Linda Wilson and has four daughters who share a love for Christ and ministry. His favorite part of Hope Church is the people of Hope and being able to minister to the church body.

Worship Pastor Jon Ginn of Hope Church Tupelo

Jon Ginn

Worship Pastor

Jon has been with us at Hope Church for five years now. He serves as the Worship Pastor where he plans worship services, Wednesday nights, and is constantly working with the choir and worship team.  He also leads special events.  Jon is married to Kelly and has three children.

Chris Prather

Chris Prather

Student Pastor

Chris joined the staff at Hope at the beginning of 2017. Chris uses his gifts to communicate the Word of God and to lead students, parents, and volunteers. He is married to wife his wife shelby and they welcomed their first child, Judah Lee, into the world earlier this year.

Children's Minister Brittany O'Rourke of Hope Church Tupelo

Brittany O'Rourke

Children's Minister

Brittany has been with Hope Church since 2015. Brittany serves as the Children's minister where she teaches and organizes events and activities for our children at Hope. She is married to Sean and has four children.

Pre-school Direct Deborah Winters of Hope Church Tupelo

Deborah Winters

Director of Pre-school Ministries

Deborah serves as the Pre-school Director where she oversees nursery and young age activities. Deborah is married to Lee and has 3 daughters.  Her favorite aspect of Hope Church is seeing children grow in Christ and families coming together as a body of believers. 

Administrative Pastor Jim Nielson of Hope Church Tupelo

Jim Nielsen

Administrative Pastor

Jim has been a member of Hope Church for 14 years and is responsible for overseeing staff, operations, and finances. He is married to Gloria, and loves how Hope Church has become an extension of his family.

Hope Church Tupelo Elder Board

Hope Church Elder Board

About: The Elder Board at Hope Church consists of six appointed rotating members that the church body nominates and the Lead Pastor.

David Parker, Jim Chapman, Jim Nielsen, Denotee Martin, Eric Pitman, Mac Davis, Scooter Noland