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Small Groups | Sundays @ 9:15

Journey (College/Career Sunday School)

This class is designed for single adults in college, going into college, or who have already
Started a career. These are important years in a Christian's journey (hence the name). The
Goal of this class is to help the student establish a solid Biblical foundation that will help
them shape the rest of their lives.

Teachers: Larry & Shelly Coggin
Location: Upstairs (Upper Room)

Christians in an Age of Outrage

Have you ever had to defend your faith? Would you know how to defend your faith?
This class is designed to give you the tools to do just that.

Teacher: Jeff Spencer
Location: Choir Room

More Than Sunday (Young Marrieds)

This class is a general study of God's Word geared to our 18-30 year olds. The classes and
teaching lean toward a frank discussion of the Bible and how it relates to today's life issues.

Teachers: Scooter and Allyson Noland
Room: Upstairs (Upper Room)

Deeper (Growing in Christ and Communitv)

This is a class that is concerned with current issues that affect young marriages and families.
The class is a lecture type class with a teacher and class discussion. The Bible is the only
book used.

Teacher: Chris Strube
Location: Room 203

Women’s Class

The Women’s class is designed as an in depth study of God’s Word. The discerning woman that wants to “dig a little deeper,” will be encouraged by this class. Women of all ages will benefit from the fellowship and teaching offered through this study.

Teacher: Vivian Boatner

Survey of the Bible

This class is a general study of the Word of God. In this class, the student is encouraged to explore the Old and New Testaments with new insights and challenge. A clear concise outline of each study is presented in a lecture format.

Teacher: Ed Vitagliano

Exploring The Word

Exploring the Word is designed as a general study of God’s Word. The classes and teaching lean toward a frank discussion of the Bible and how it relates to today’s life issues.

Teacher: Jim Spencer

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